i am the child of the wasteland....a land of haunted houses and monsters i call father. dark talents run in the family, but i shatter the glass to let the moonlight in, not to destroy something fragile for the feeling of breaking beneath my fists. all i can do is scream, crawl out, and keep screaming. but i can hold the sparrow, mend its wing... i am the spring rain and the hurricane... the monsters cower now, not me, not you. *xn*

Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2003 - 12:30 am

AHH! Something went around the bend with my personal pages/ links, but all others are working fine soo.. i think its fixed :) BUT my "officially" time-stamped stuff from Sat/Sun has disappeared- but this is that stuff below, just today's date. I have been mired in a big art project so thats why the craziness! all is well again in darkling land..

mainly for Bionicgirl , i post these pix- since she makes all kind of stuff too.. this is a doll i "made" (a poor little abandoned doll who followed me home from an old man bar- her hair had the winnie the pooh bow in it already and that naturally dready look came with her too..) its a gift for a friend who makes the most amazing gothic dark dolls, several of which i own.. one vamp one is on my mic stand, the big porcelain one she made me is the face in my banners- i also have a baby she made and a satin pillow my dogs destroyed but still sleep on so its beauty rings out from the rags :) .. this one is kind of happy- i call her "Party Doll" i am sure she'll get a better name once she gets to new orleans. her back is painted to depict the stories told me as a child, that every time i have a bad thought or do something that would make jesus and the angels frown, a hideous briar and thorn patch sprouted in the garden that was my soul- and if i wasn't careful i would be filled with black thorns and rotting weeds... well i assumed i'd be dead by the time i was six...

that Satan story? its still here and no i don't think i'll burn burn burn in the ring of fire for it...

i added these new link buttons to the "link to me" page. i was doing them for another place so they are not the same size as the quilt square links that are on that page.. but the code is all there for anyone who wants to so its easy. but i had to add them, i liked them.. :)

more goodies tonight- click this little faerie here or in the links section down there and there you will find so many wonderful tarot and rune (and more) daily feeds and free online readings of almost every kind (from tarot to just a flip of the "coin" :) )- ah so much cool stuff "out there" :) do you ever get this feeling your page is a kind of big house you rattle around in.. moving furniture around and hanging pictures and- well i do... very strange and fun all at once.

in other news.. hope its okay to just add stuff on like this at the end of entries- some things don't seem like they want to be alone on a page *** you should add to the taxonomy diary, a project by .. strangely calming and wonderful to read.. my entry.... ~* tall flowers of the dead *~ (spelling improved here..)

"nothing better than lying near the graveyard when you are so far from death- a child- in love with all the trees and pretty statues and flowers here and there. the seeds of the real flowers- how do they do this? travel to other parts and there in a strange nook of the path grows a tulip or a daffodil. they grow tall enough that as a child you can lie under them and see the sky through petals- you are seeing what its like to be dead but don't even know it..."

will be nice to see what becomes of it.

3/23/03 ...i don't get gaga over hollywood happenings, but this was a nice one- adrien brody wins the oscar for best actor in the academy awards. rick is involved with this fellow's next film so it should only help it get attention. plus i really was impressed with The Pianist - honestly i think he deserved it.



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